Palma City Guide

Palma City Guide

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Palma Travel Tips

  • Palma’s downtown beaches are not recommended by most travelers due to pollution and strange odors. The best beaches are found to the east of the city, but you’ll have to pay for the pleasure.
  • Mallorca gets exceedingly hot during the height of the summer. Take some sunscreen and partake in a shady siesta with the locals.
  • Visit Palma during a festival week to experience Mallorcan culture at its best. The festival of Sant Sebastian takes place in January, and the Sant Joan festival (with bonfires galore) happens in June.

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Top 5 Palma Attractions

Traditional Cuisine of Mallorca

  • Coca mallorquina - Utrip Palma City GuideCoca mallorquina: a savory, pizza-like dish of leavened dough topped with various vegetables (usually peppers, onions, and tomatoes), then baked
  • Ensaïmada: a rolled sourdough pastry made with pork lard, often stuffed with a sweet cream filling
  • Sobrassada: a traditional autumn sausage, made with ground pork and spiced with paprika