San Diego City Guide

San Diego City Guide

Utrip San Diego City Guide

San Diego Travel Tips

  • The weather is almost always gorgeous; however, if you are traveling in the winter, certainly wear layers.
  • If you are in town on a Tuesday it’s a MUST to eat tacos because it’s TACO TUESDAY and seriously, the majority of restaurants participate.
  • Eat a California Burrito. Mexican food is a big part of the culinary scene in San Diego but San Diegans have invented their own California creation worth a try. A California Burrito is basically a carne asada burrito (steak) with fries inside the burrito…yum!
  • Many consider San Diego to be the Craft Beer Capitol of the country, so definitely take some time to grab a cold one.
  • Take a surf lesson for a fun outdoor adventure that will immerse you in local culture.
  • Beware of strong rip tides! Rip tides can sweep you out to sea before you even know it. If you get caught, swim parallel to the shore until you can safely ride a wave back. DON’T try to swim directly back to shore, you will end up spending too much energy and instead cause exhaustion.

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Top San Diego Attractions

Classic San Diego Cuisine

  • MEXICAN FOOD! San Diego is minutes from the Mexican border and as a result, there is a huge Mexican influence on their culinary scene. Whether you want flavorful street tacos, Oaxacan specialties, or San Diego’s favorite California Burrito, you certainly won’t be short on options.
      • The California Burrito: A Carne Asada burrito with French fries inside
      • Taco Tuesday is huge. Fine dining hot spots and local cheap eats alike engage in taco specialties on Tuesdays.
  • Utrip San Diego City GuideFresh Seafood is a must. Fish tacos, whole cooked fish, melt in your mouth sashimi, or raw oysters; whatever your favorite seafood dish might be, San Diego is sure to deliver in plate fulls with some of the freshest fish available.
  • Beer! Ok we know that beer is not food, but in San Diego, it might as well be. Known for being one of the top craft brewery scenes in the country, San Diego has tons of renowned breweries and tap houses worth a visit.

Notable San Diego Neighborhoods

  • Gas Lamp Quarter - Utrip San Diego City GuideDowntown
  • Point Loma
  • Coronado
  • Hillcrest
  • North Park
  • Mission Beach
  • Pacific Beach
  • La Jolla

Favorite San Diego Beaches

Great San Diego Breweries

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