Seattle City Guide

Seattle City Guide

Utrip Seattle City Guide

Seattle Travel Tips

  • Wear Layers! It doesn’t actually rain for 9 nine months out of the year, but it can get pretty chilly. However, once you go inside, it’s always warm and toasty. Scarves, boots, and layers are part of the Seattle style. Don’t use an umbrella unless you want to stick out as a tourist.
  • If you want to avoid the rain, visit from July to mid September. The weather is moderate and beautiful, and the clear days allow you to see the Cascades to the East and the Olympics to the West.
  • While locals love downtown and Pike Place Market, don’t hesitate to leave the city center and explore all of the amazing neighborhoods that give Seattle its distinct character.
  • Seattle is known for: Music, Outdoors, Rain, Urban Farming, Craftsman houses, Tech Culture, Coffee, and so much more.
  • If you want an awesome view, check out the Columbia Tower instead of the Space Needle. It’s cheaper and actually offers the better view.
  • Besides Starbucks never order a Caramel Macchiato unless you want the barista to laugh at you. Seattlites take their coffee seriously.
  • Tipping: Seattlites love to support the service industry and the typical gratuity is around 20%

Utrip Seattle City Guide

Top 5 Seattle Attractions

Classic Cuisine of Seattle

  • Fresh Seafood, Fresh Seafood, Fresh Seafood!
  • Local, sustainable, organic cuisine. Seattleites are very conscious of what they put in their bodies and how they treat the earth. Local and sustainable foods have quickly become a part of the Seattle culinary tradition.
  • Seattle has a huge Asian immigrant population so you won’t have a hard time finding authentic and delicious Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, or Vietnamese food.
  • Greek and Mediterranean Food is also fairly abundant

Most Notable Seattle Neighborhoods

  • Utrip Seattle City GuideDowntown
  • Capitol Hill
  • Queen Anne
  • Pioneer Square
  • Sodo
  • Fremont
  • Ballard
  • West Seattle
  • University District
  • South Lake Union
  • Greenlake

Wonderful Seattle Parks

Famous Seattle Coffee Shops

Great Seattle Breweries pike brewing