Spokane City Guide

Spokane City Guide

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Spokane Travel Tips

  • Try to plan your trip around one of the many annual events held in Spokane. From Hoopfest, the largest basketball festival in the country, to the annual Bloomsday Run, Spokane holds some pretty fun and impressive yearly events and festivals not to be missed.
  • Head outdoors and try something new! Spokane is surrounded by gorgeous natural wilderness. Mountain biking, kayaking, river rafting, skiing, golfing and more are all at your fingertips when you’re in Spokane.
  • Taste some local beer. All of Washington State has a bit of an obsession with craft beer and Spokane is no exception. There are plenty of local breweries to check out, but most local bars will also offer a decent selection.
  • It’s pronounced spo-CAN not spo-CAIN
  • In the summer, locals flock to their favorite spots to pick wild huckleberries. You might be hard pressed to get a local to divulge their secret picking spots, but co-ops like Green Bluff’s provide u-pick farms so you don’t have to go hunting for these tasty berries.

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Classic Cuisine of Spokane

  • casper fry spokaneSpokane is slowly growing into the culinary scene, and they have a surprising number of high-end, fine dining restaurants using local and sustainable ingredients.
  • Beer! Yes, we know beer is not a food and we certainly don’t recommend consuming nothing but beer; however, beer is a big deal in Spokane! Local microbreweries like No-Li and Twelve Strings are bringing some truly tasty craft brews to the Spokane area.

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