Bairro Alto - Falling in Love with Lisbon Travel Guide

Falling in Love with Lisbon: Mini Travel Guide [Part 2]

If you haven’t already done so, don’t miss the first part of this relaxed Lisbon Travel Guide: Falling in Love with Lisbon Our second and last full day in Lisbon started with less of a sense of urgency. We’d planned for about the same amount of sightseeing as the day before, and now knew that…

15 Reasons to Love Verona

15 Reasons to Love Verona [Photo Blog]

Located in northern Italy, Verona, where Romeo and Juliet fell in love, is one of Italy’s most beautiful towns… A wealth of Roman history, UNESCO World Heritage architecture, and small-town Italian charm is just waiting to be discovered. Here are some Verona photos that will make you fall in love.

5 Things to Do and See in Verona, Italy

5 Great Things to Do and See in Verona, Italy

1.     Visit a classic love story Who cares if Romeo and Juliet is a piece of fiction written by an Englishman who never left his native land? Verona continues to foster the doomed romance of the world-famous lovers. Go see what all the fuss is about (hint: pictures do it justice), then take a…

Falling in Love While Traveling

Call me crazy, but I enjoy dating while traveling in new cities. I love the feeling of being anonymous in a strange place and immersed in an exotic culture, while at the same time experiencing the excitement of meeting someone new. When you’re armed with a list of sights to see and restaurants to try,…

Pizzale Michelangelo

9 Romantic Things to do in Florence

Florence is one of the most romantic destinations on Earth. It is perfect for someone looking to spend a memorable holiday with a loved one. You will both cherish this visit for a lifetime. Or perhaps, you’re looking for some great proposal ideas. Here is our list of the Most Romantic Things to do in…