Turin City Guide

Turin City Guide

Utrip Turin City Guide


Turin Travel Tips

  • Turin is home to wealth of great shops and boutiques. Be prudent about what you buy, because returns and exchanges are frowned upon in Italian stores.
  • Italy may be tourist friendly and known for its amazing fashion but in keep mind that it will generally be considered bad form to walk around in short skirts, shorts, or skimpy outfits (yes, even in that heat!).
  • Don’t wait for the check after a meal; you must ask for it. A service fee is usually included but a small tip on top of that is always appreciated.

Top 5 Turin Attractions

Traditional Cuisine of Turin

  • Utrip Turin City Guide Agnolotti: little ravioli-like pastas filled with a mixture of beef and vegetables
  • Torta alle nocciole: traditional cake made with hazelnuts
  • Batsuà: fried pig trotters