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Utrip Debuts Travel Planning Platform with a Personal Touch

New web site uses passion points to match travelers with personalized international itineraries 

Seattle, WA—June 9, 2012—Today Seattle technology start-up Utrip officially launched the beta version of Utrip.com, a new online travel platform that allows users to easily discover, plan, purchase, and share their perfect personalized travel experience all in one place.

With hundreds of web sites that allow travelers to easily research destinations, compare flights and shop hotels, the travel industry has evolved beyond the times of the traditional travel agent. But with so much information at one’s fingertips, many people don’t know where to begin.

“Planning trips is a time consuming and frustrating process. Despite so much information, no one has really gotten it right,” said Gilad Berenstein, CEO of Utrip. “We began as a group of passionate young travelers who loved technology and wanted to find a way to make planning trips easier. We set out to create a tool so that we, and other travelers like us, could spend more time having adventures rather than planning them.”

Crafting an Authentic and Personalized Travel Experience

The Utrip platform was designed with the firm belief that there is no such thing as a one-trip-fits-all, and in order to truly take in a city and walk away with a memorable experience, travel planning must get personal. Rather than offering up cookie cutter itineraries Utrip takes into account dates of travel, budget, and most importantly personal interests, to craft a one-of-a kind itinerary that touches on each travelers unique passion points and enhances the travel experience.  Whether a foodie, extreme sports addict, music lover or history buff, Utrip wants to play matchmaker between travelers’ personal interests and Utrip staff’s first hand knowledge of destinations around the world.


Utrip has engaged a team of local experts on the ground in key destination cities, allowing them to curate a list of local attractions, many that can’t be found in any travel book and give travelers a glimpse into an authentic side of cities normally reserved for locals. The Utrip database is updated on a daily basis, adding new destinations as soon as they open, and ensuring that travelers aren’t directed to locations that have recently closed. Users can browse Utrip’s database of local hotspots or they can let Utrip do the work for them, suggesting restaurants, shopping destinations, museums, bars, landmarks, and other experiences that match each user’s personal preferences.

Utrip’s proprietary optimization formula takes a multitude of factors into account to craft the ideal itinerary. With over 500 billion different possible Utrips, a traveler could cheer for their favorite team’s soccer game in Madrid on Friday, marvel at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona on Sunday (when entry is free), and hang with the locals at Oktoberfest,  all while flying on the cheapest days of the week.


In addition to planning, Utrip makes it easy for users to purchase their trip. By partnering with established travel sites including Expedia and HostelBookers, among others, travelers can purchase everything from their flight and hotel, down to cooking classes and kayaking trips, all without leaving Utrip.com.


Although not available at launch, Facebook integration and blogging features will soon allow Utrip users to instantly share their itinerary, pictures and stories from their  adventures with friends and family.

A Utrip mobile app in development will  also give users access to their itinerary and travel information right on their phone. Mobile app features include turn-by-turn directions to destinations,photo-share, and because sometimes plans change, the Utrip mobile app will also allow travelers to troubleshoot their itinerary on the go.

“Traveling has changed our lives.” said Gilad.” At the very least we hope to inspire others to get out and explore incredible places. At the most we can provide travelers with the tools to go on an adventure they will remember the rest of their lives.”

Utrip users can visit Utrip.com today to plan and purchase travel to top destinations throughout Europe. As users across the world join the Utrip community and share their own travel experiences, Utrip will evolve and grow, adding more cities and expanding their expertise to bring you the best destinations around the world.

Those interested in Utrip can visit www.utrip.com where they can create a profile and discover their next international travel adventure.

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