Vancouver City Guide

Vancouver City Guide

Travel Tips

  • Vancouver is a popular destination for filming (seriously!), so be on the lookout for some spots from your favorite scenes.
  • Even though it’s a big city, there’s tons of hiking (and other outdoorsy things) close. Don’t be intimidated, either; there’s hikes for all levels. So get some hiking boots and get out there!
  • Don’t be afraid to check out places outside of downtown, either. Main Street and Commercial Drive are some of the most bustling local spots in town.

shutterstock_290363687 Golden ears serenity, peaceful reflection in Golden ears provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

Top Attractions


Vancouver seafood

  • Seafood. Delicious, fresh seafood. Expect everything from East Asian delights, classic English-influenced seafood, sushi, and modern Pacific Northwest takes. It’s everywhere.
  • Because of Vancouver’s history of being a very international port city, there’s a pretty strong Chinese influence on the cuisine. That means tons of classics, and quite a bit of dim sum—especially in Richmond.
  • There are farmers’ markets all the time. Be sure to see when and where you can catch one when you’re in town.
  • There’s also a ton of breweries around, so drink up! Responsibly, of course.

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