Verona City Guide

Verona City Guide

Utrip Verona City Guide

Verona Travel Tips

  • Many sights and restaurants are closed on Monday. Most sights and museums are free on the first Sunday of every month.
  • Simple courtesies – Verona has a small-town vibe and the mentality to go with it. Be sure to greet locals and shopkeepers with a “buongiorno” and thank them or say good bye upon leaving. A smile can go a long way.
  • Piazza delle Erbe is Verona’s most famous square and is well worth a look, but most of what is for sale at its market stalls is tacky and overpriced. If this is one of the first places you visit in Verona, be aware that you’ll find better items elsewhere.


Top 5 Verona Attractions

Traditional Cuisine of Verona

  • Utrip Verona City GuidePandoro: a traditional sweet bread dusted with powdered sugar and icing, most popular around Christmas and the New Year.
  • Tortelli di zucca: flat pockets of pasta filled with pumpkin, mustard, cheese, and nutmeg, then cooked up with browned butter and sage.
  • Tortellini di Valeggio: little pastas stuffed with a savory mixture of meat, herbs, bread, and wine, then served in a beef broth.
  • Wines of Verona: The region around Verona produces wines enjoyed all around the world. Famous to the region are the Valpolicella and Bardolina grapes.