Victoria City Guide

Victoria City Guide

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Victoria Travel Tips

  • Any local will proudly tell you that Victoria has the best weather in all of Canada. That certainly doesn’t mean that it’s always warm and sunny…it’s just not freezing like the rest of the country. Picture Seattle-esque weather.
  • Victoria is very small and easy to get around without a car. Most must-see attractions are centered downtown with the exception of Butchart Gardens, which is easily accessible by taking the #75 Bus (fare is $2.50).
  • Don’t Forget your Camera! Victoria is nothing like Vancouver, which flaunts modern architecture and tall glass skyscrapers. Instead, Victoria offers gorgeous Victorian homes and old stone buildings reminiscent of a quaint British town.

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Victoria Top Attractions

Classic Cuisine of VictoriaVictoria cuisine

  • Seafood! Seafood! Seafood! Whether you like casual fish and chips or fancy grilled salmon, Victoria’s got it all.
  • British Food. Because of Victoria’s British roots, many of the culinary traditions have been adopted into the Victorian culture. Fish and chips are a particular local favorite!
  • Another British tradition that Victoria has adopted is the love of high tea, tiny sandwiches and all.
  • Poutine. This is not a specifically Victorian dish, rather a Canadian specialty in general. But if you haven’t tried this tasty concoction of fries, gravy, and cheese curds, you’re in for a treat.

Suggestions for High Tea